class StarDiscrepancy : public ioh::problem::SingleObjectiveProblem<double>, private ioh::problem::InstanceBasedProblem, private ioh::common::AutomaticTypeRegistration<StarDiscrepancy, RealSingleObjective>, private ioh::common::AutomaticTypeRegistration<StarDiscrepancy, StarDiscrepancy>#

Public Functions

inline StarDiscrepancy(const int problem_id, const int instance, const int n_variables, const std::string &name, const Grid &grid)#

Construct a new (real) StarDiscrepancy object.

  • problem_id – The id of the problem

  • instance – The instance of the problem, used as seed for the sampler

  • n_variables – the dimension of the problem

  • name – the name of the problem

  • grid – the point grid

inline Grid get_grid() const#

Accessor for grid.

Protected Functions

inline double evaluate(const std::vector<double> &x) override#

Private Members

Grid grid#