class ioh.iohcpp.ConstraintEnforcement(self: ioh.iohcpp.ConstraintEnforcement, value: int)#

Bases: pybind11_object

Enum defining constraint handling strategies.


NOT : Do not calculate the constraint at all

HIDDEN : Do not enforce, but still calculate to enable logging.

SOFT : Penalize (y + p), but aggregate all the constraint penalties into a sum

HARD : Penalize (p only), and if violation return only the penalty for this constraint in contraintset

OVERRIDE : Penalize (p only), and if violation return the custom penalization function this constraint in contraintset

Attributes Summary

Attributes Documentation

HARD = <ConstraintEnforcement.HARD: 3>#
HIDDEN = <ConstraintEnforcement.HIDDEN: 1>#
NOT = <ConstraintEnforcement.NOT: 0>#
OVERRIDE = <ConstraintEnforcement.OVERRIDE: 4>#
SOFT = <ConstraintEnforcement.SOFT: 2>#