template<class BinaryOperation>
double ioh::logger::eah::stat::under_curve::accumulate(const EAH &logger, double init, BinaryOperation op)#

Generic function for accumulated statistics over the normalized attainment space.

Most probably used from a function defaulting the basic operation, like under_curve::volume, or used as a function to compute something else.

You most probably only need the simplified interface:

using namespace ioh::logger;
EAH logger(0,1,2,3,4,5); // Whatever
// This is the definition of under_curve::volume, for instance:
double v = eah::stat::under_curve::accumulate(logger, 0.0, std::plus<double>());


The operation is computed on normalized dimensions (i.e. error, evals and probas), so as to avoid a scale bias in favor of one (or the other) dimension.


inline double ioh::logger::eah::stat::under_curve::volume(const EAH &logger)#

Computes the normalized volume under the curve of the logger::EAH’s data structure.

using namespace iof::logger;
double v = eah::stat::under_curve::volume(logger);


This is just a proxy to the stat::under_curve::accumulate function, which provides a more detailled interface.