This is the performance analyzer of Iterative Optimization Heuristics (IOHs), e.g., Evolutionary Algorithms. IOHanalyzer takes as input the benchmark data from the user and provides very detailed analysis on, e.g., the empirical running time.

It provides:

  • A web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • Interactive plotting in two perspectives (fixed-budget and fixed-target) of both performance and tracked parameters.
  • Statistical evaluation methods.
  • R programming interfaces in the backend.

It takes as input:

It is built on:

It is available through:


Software dependency

  • [mandatory] R As IOHanalyzer is written as a R package, the R environment has to be installed first. The binary file and installation manual for R can be found at
  • [optional] orca required to download plotly figures. Please see for the installation instruction.

Stable version

Please start up a R console and install the stable version as:


which is maintained on CRAN (Comprehensive R Archive Network).

Lastest version

The lastest development is always hosted on Github. In case you’d like to try out this version, the R package devtool is needed:


Start up the Graphical User Interface

The IOHanalyzer package can be installed and loaded using the following commands:


Have fun! For the complete reference on usage, please continue reading this documentation.